• Carolyn Dayton

    Baby on Board!: The WSU Early Parenting Study

    This study examines the influence of key psychological, social, and biological factors on the development of parenting thoughts, feelings and behaviors beginning during pregnancy and across the first months of postnatal development. The central aim of the study is to understand the underlying processes that parents experience as they prepare to parent a new baby. From left, Study Coordinator Mae Nordin and Assistant Professor Carolyn Dayton.

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  • Poco Kernsmith & Joanne Smith-Darden

    Strengthening Supports for Healthy Relationships: A Gender-Sensitive, Mixed Methods Analysis of Protective Factors for Intimate Partner Violence

    The Center for Disease for Control awarded Poco Kernsmith, Roger Kernsmith and Joanne P. Smith-Darden a $1 million dollar grant for a three-year study that will research the factors that facilitate and discourage intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration among middle school and high school youth. Read more about Poco Kernsmith and her projects by clicking the photo. From left, Joanne Smith-Darden, Poco Kernsmith and Roger Kernsmith.

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  • Shirley Thomas

    Using Motivational Enhancement Among OIF/OEF Veterans Returning to the Community

    The main objective of this project is to test a motivational enhancement (ME) intervention to address barriers to engaging in mental health treatment for recently returned veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. The long term goal of the intervention is to increase veteran’s participation in mental health treatment by using a Stages of Change model to reduce perceived stigma and barriers to treatment.

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