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González-Prendes, Antonio


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Current Research Projects

Increasing access to and utilization of treatment by Latino clients with mental health and substance abuse disorders in Macomb County, Michigan

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Role: Principal Investigator. The purpose of this study is to train practitioners, who have access to Latino clients, in the use of brief motivational strategies to increase access and retention to mental health and substance abuse services for Latinos in Macomb County, Michigan. The project has three main objectives: (1) To train MH/SA providers who work with the Latino population in Macomb County in the use of the SBIRT (screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment), a brief motivational intervention; (2) To provide ongoing consultation/supervision services to ensure provider fidelity to the intervention; (3) To collect data from participating providers to assess the impact of the intervention on the access and retention of MH/SA services of Latino clients. This project is being conducted in collaboration with the Hispanic Mental Health Alliance of Macomb County, and is funded through a grant from the Ethel and James Flinn Foundation.

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Culture and gender sensitive regulation of anger

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Role: Principal Investigator. This study draws from Dr. González-Prendes' research as well as from the current literature to identify cultural and gender factors that impact the experience and expression of anger for men and women. The study also addresses implications for practice and suggests culture and gender-sensitive approaches to assess and treat anger problems.

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Age differences in women’s anger experience and expression

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Role: Co-investigator. Although research has indicated that as people advance through the lifespan, they are able to regulate their emotions and reactions to problems more effectively, become less aggressive and experience increased levels of well-being, there is little evidence how age may specifically affect the experience and expression of anger. This lack of research is even more pronounced regarding women, as few researchers have compared anger responses in women across the lifespan. Yet, such information could provide significant implications for social workers working with this population. This study surveyed 240 women in the United States and Canada to explore differences in anger experience and expression across three distinct age groups (18-30, 31-49, and 50 and above) while controlling for other variables such as education level, country of residence, and relationship employment status. This study was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Poco Kernsmith and Nancy Praill, M.S.W.

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Policy & Practice Briefs

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The expression of anger is often influenced by cultural norms that sanction accepted forms of emotional expression in general and anger in particular. This practice brief highlights the importance of culture in the evaluation and treatment of anger problems.

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