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Resko, Stella

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Current Research Projects

Public Attitudes and Perceptions of Substance Use among Urban Adolescents

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Dr. Resko received assistance from Wayne State University’s Center for Urban Studies to conduct a statewide survey of public perceptions and attitudes toward alcohol and marijuana use among adolescents. For this study she adapted a vignette technique to examine public attitudes and perceptions of alcohol and marijuana use among adolescents. Adult participants were asked a series of questions addressing their perception of problem severity, belief in treatment efficacy, and support for alcohol and marijuana use treatment and prevention efforts. Adolescents rarely enter into substance abuse treatment independently and this study addresses existing knowledge gaps on how adults evaluate the severity and treatment options associated with adolescent substance use problems.

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The Emotional Impact of Conducting Quantitative and Qualitative Research on Trauma

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The purpose of this study is to conduct semi-structured qualitative interviews that examine the emotional challenges of conducting trauma research. Specifically, this study is examining research team members’ (e.g. interviewers, research assistants, and study clinicians) experiences working directly with participants, self-care and coping strategies to deal with the emotionally charged content, and the impact of the study’s quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method orientation on their experiences. Insights from this study may potentially benefit other researchers and students studying trauma and other emotionally sensitive topics.

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Substance Use Among Adolescents Involved in the Child Welfare System

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Using the National Survey on Child and Adolescent Well-Being (NSCAW) I and II data, Dr. Resko is currently examining substance use patterns and correlates among adolescents involved in the child welfare system. Her recent work has examined solitary substance use among adolescents involved in the child welfare system and the role of depression, PTSD, and social relationships.

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Understanding the Context and Motivations for Substance Use and Violence Among Urban Adolescents

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In collaboration with colleagues from the University of Michigan (Dr. Maureen Walton from Psychiatry and Dr. Rebecca Cunningham from Emergency Medicine and Public Health), Dr. Resko is examining the social context and motivations related to substance use (e.g., alcohol, marijuana and other drugs) and violence (e.g., youth violence/fighting, weapon carrying and dating violence) among urban adolescents. Data for this project were collected as part of a larger randomized controlled trial of a brief intervention addressing substance use and violence among adolescents seeking treatment in the Emergency Department (SafERteens).

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